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Introducing InboxSmart

InboxSmart is a Gmail Tool that cleans up your Inbox and Strikes Back.

Two Buttons Is All You Need

Use the Thumbs Down Button to move to the Quarantine Folder, or use the Lightning Bolt Button to move to the Strike Back Folder, dragging messages over works too!

Integrates Seamlessly Into Gmail

InboxSmart adds buttons to the same convenient locations that Gmail uses for other important features. Our extension makes managing your email intuitive, easy, and effective.

Strike Back

InboxSmart isn’t just an email organization tool. Move to the Strike Back Folder and we'll report the message as Spam. The message also feeds in to an Email Compliance System. Help make email better.

Better Than Unsubscribing

Don’t risk clicking unsubscribe links. A lot of links are fake any they'll send you more Spam. Let us handle the Spam, move it to Strike Back!

Syncs With Your Account

Install the InboxSmart extension on any computer with Google Chrome. If you have Google Sync turned on, the app will sync with all your extension-enabled devices.

Backed By A Leading Email Compliance Company

Move a message to Strike Back and we'll analyze each message for violations. If it breaks the law, the Sender Will Be Punished.

The Fastest Way To Take Back Your Inbox

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What is


InboxSmart is a browser extension that assists you in managing unwanted email. We'll stop future messages from hitting your inbox based on what you move. By utilizing the Strike Back Folder, we’ll report the message as spam and hold the sender accountable.

When you move messages to Quarantine, we'll keep that sender out of your inbox, they'll be there for later viewing.

Every message you move to the Quarantine or Strike Back Folders helps make email better, and improves your inbox!



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